Cao Chong’en

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Cao Chong’en was born in the Guangxi Province in 1933. He is the father of the artist Cao Fei. Cao has been a professor of drawing and sculpture at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts for many years. As is the case with many Chinese sculptors of his age, he has done sculptures of historical figures in modern China, but only of those whom he thinks were important to China’s recent political history, like Mao, Sun Yat Sen and Deng Xiao Ping. Many of his sculptures have been collected by museums, in China as well as in other countries. The Olympic Museum, for example, obtained the sculpture of Antonio Samaranch. Through the work of his daughter Cao Fei, Cao Chong’en became even more widely known. At the Moscow Biennale in 2015, Cao Fei presented a film about her father called “Father”.

– before 1980 mainly sculptures of representatives of the official China

– Bruce Lee Statue in Hong Kong, 2005

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