Shao Fan

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Shao Fan was born in Beijing in 1964 to a renowned family of artists. In 1984 he graduated from the Beijing Arts and Crafts College. In his work, Shao Fan combines art and design and is considered to have a profound knowledge of Chinese culture.

Next to traditional Chinese crafts, Shao Fan also creates objects out of deconstructed pieces of furniture. He received his first painting lesson during the Cultural Revolution from university art professors who were assigned to paint Mao Zedong propaganda. Shao Fan’s work can be placed among the icons of contemporary Chinese art.

Selected Exhibitions:

Secret Signs, calligraphy in Chinese Contemporary Art, works from the Collection Sigg, Deichtorhallen/Falkenberg Collection,Hamburg,2014
Face to Face – Shao Fan, Galerie Urs Meile, Lucerne, Switzerland 2014
An Incurable Classicist, Contrasts Gallery, Shanghai, China, 2010
Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China, The Metropolitan Museum Of Art,
New York, USA, 2013
Chairs About Chairs, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China, 1996

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